Livingdocs Service


Don’t waste time setting up a CMS. Livingdocs provides the full content management stack for you while still allowing you full control over presentation using intuitive WYSIWYG.

Interactive Demo

Try our mini-application to look under the hood. To the left you can edit, to the right you can change the definition of the Livingdocs components. The tour guides you through common use cases.

No department is an island.
Livingdocs combines the requirements of developers, designers and editors in a frictionless workflow.

For developers

Our Node.JS SDK allows you to write a powerful presentation application for the web. You can use the core Livingdocs libraries, including the possibility to render JSON to HTML. For everything else you can use our REST API.

For designers

You design your site in the frontend and you can always play it back to Livingdocs so your editors always have full WYSIWYG experience when writing their documents.

For editors

Use the most powerful authoring platform in the world to freely write your content, collaborate with others and publish beautiful web sites.