Work with Powerful Features

Livingdocs is built to make you more productive. Our set of features empowers you to create exactly the project you need.

Collaboration at the Core

History and track changes

Visually keep track of every change in your documents and easily go back and forth in your editing history.

Comments and threads

Discuss with your fellow writers how to best come up with the content you need, write comments, build discussion threads and resolve conversations as you go.

  • Workflows

    Organize workflows from proofreading to translations in kanban boards and always see what needs to be done next.

  • Realtime collaboration

    Always see who is editing the same document with you and easily exchange the lead.

  • Lock

    Sometimes you want to edit alone. The lock plugin allows you to set time-limited locks on a document where only you can edit.

Layouts & Rules at Your Control

Build sites like using Lego

The Livingdocs building blocks technology allows you to build beautiful layouts and freely arrange content and teasers on them using drag and drop.

Automate sites with powerful rules

Build whole newspaper front site with powerful automation that decides what teaser goes where and the ability to manually set focus where you need to.

  • Scheduled sites

    Schedule content publication dates as well as automation rules to fully schedule a page. Great if you want to take the weekend off and let your pages run itself.

  • Menus

    Intuitively build site navigations using drag and drop.

  • Multi-Language

    Offer your pages and content in multiple languages and setup translation workflows where necessary.

Smarter Assets Than Ever Before

Smarter work thanks to machine learning

Use our media library to quickly access images that have been auto-tagged with Google’s powerful Vision machine learning algorithms.

Never worry about size

Livingdocs uses modern storage, search and delivery technology and easily scales to millions of assets. We deliver images directly to your customers over our highly available CDNs.

  • Inline image editing

    Easily crop images from within documents and define different aspect ratios for optimal presentation on every device.

  • Work with web assets

    Embed Tweets, Videos, Instagram and more easily inline and arrange them on your documents.

Fully Organized Content


Use the power of customizable dashboards to give entry points to every possible user group, be it writers, proofreaders or editors-in-chief. Present content on your dashboards in lists, visual layouts or kanban boards.

  • Elastic Search

    Use our powerful ElasticSearch based search engine to find content and enable our Natural Language Processing module to automatically tag all content.

  • Filters

    Use our predefined filters or create new ones for your use cases and organize filters in bookmarks for fast access.

Scalability Made Easy

Multi-project, multi-channel

Livingdocs was built to scale from day 1. We support multi-project setups and can run hundreds of publications on one instance for our customers delivering to thousands of channels.

  • Scales horizontally in the cloud

    Thousands of concurrent writers, millions of documents and terrabytes of traffic in high-availability setups.

Loved by Developers and Designers

Component editor

Use our unique design editor to create Livingdocs building block sets from scratch and define what your editorial users can work with.


Define every possible combination of structured data, stand-alone or assigned to documents. Editors can fill out your defined properties, write documents and our APIs offer all the content for you to work with in your frontends.

  • All Javascript

    We are Javascript from front to back and offer you our rendering technology open-source via our Node SDK.

  • Cloud-ready

    We offer docker setups for Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS and Digital Ocean. Of course you can also just take our docker images and build your own infrastructure.

  • API power

    We run with ElasticSearch and its powerful search APIs as well as offering event-based notifications.

  • Admins love it

    Define roles and access rights for your user groups and easily manage users through our powerful administration backends.