Easy setup for developers,
great UX for editors.

Give your editors a document service that provides the power and flexibility of a CMS yet is as easy to use as building blocks. Don’t waste time on inanimate forms but start the experience of living documents today.

Editing was never easier

Edit everything inline in your HTML page. What you see is what you get. Simply split the Livingdocs screen to see your content in different device-sizes in real-time. Livingdocs gives you a frictionless editing experience no matter what target platform you are writing for.

Layout with components

Everything in Livingdocs is a component. Freely drag components around or add new ones from the sidebar. Don’t be stuck in a template or form and start working with your content.

Creative image editing

Images are an integral part of your content. Do your art direction directly in Livingdocs and let your images shine while we automatically deliver the optimal formats and sizes for you.

Works for teams

Always keep track what others are doing using our detailed document history or work with your team simultaneously on a document. Everybody can always be on the same page while our flexible workflows allow for efficient task assignment and planning.

Fast publishing

Livingdocs allows you to publish to many channels and still guarantees instant feedback. Never wait for a button to turn green.

Easy publishing with Livingdocs

For the last 5 years, we helped publishers drive productivity in their newsrooms and create content for different channels and devices.

Livingdocs has a strong
track record in publishing.

Traditional newspaper

NZZ is the oldest and most prestigous newspaper in Switzerland. It has a main brand online and in print, sunday edition, regional outlets and several smaller content products.

«Livingdocs is the foundation of NZZ’s digital infrastructure, finally enabling us to harmonize the CMS across all the products we offer.»

Andreas Bossecker,
CTO at NZZ Mediengruppe

Success Story NZZ: Re-thinking newspaper workflows

News portal

Bluewin is the largest internet portal in Switzerland and second largest news site. It automatically imports 1000+ articles per day and has sophisticated rules to place and schedule content.

«My newsroom works with thousands of documents every day. Thanks to Livingdocs this not only became a lot faster but also a lot more fun.»

Cyril Treptow,
head of portal at Bluewin

Success Story Swisscom: Kick-off for synergies


The Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin is one of the most famous magazines in the german speaking world operating with a relatively small staff dedicated to producing visually appealing content.

«It has never been easier to get the editorial team started on using a new CMS.»

Judith Kampl,
Productmanager SZ-Magazin.de

Success Story SZ Magazine: discovering a new experience

So many friends from different web agencies have told us that what they would really need for their clients is our editing and workflow capabilities paired with a service offer. We heard you.