About Us

Livingdocs – The Company

Livingdocs was founded in 2015 by Gabriel Hase and Lukas Peyer in Zurich and has since grown into a successful software company with developers, designers and communication experts, working closely with major news publishers to build premium publishing solutions.

With our intuitive technology and collaboration tools, Livingdocs facilitates newsroom workflows for numerous notable news publishers in the GSA region, including Süddeutsche Zeitung, NZZ , t-online and CH Media.

With the support of our valued partner network, we continue to grow our customer base and develop our product so that the news publishers we serve can focus on what they do best: creating world-class journalistic content. 

Some of our core principles

  1. Do something meaningful

    We don’t want to spend our time just working but to make sure that what we do has a positive impact on our society.

  2. No hierarchy, no anarchy

    We don’t think in trees but roles. All people should be enabled to optimally deploy their skills.

  3. Collaborate and evolve

    We believe that a company is a team of people and not a collection of departments. Never let a process stand in your way!

  4. Embrace technology

    We are tech-driven and love technology. Ideas are always welcome but be prepared to be challenged.

  5. Mind the startup

    We’ve seen a lot of hip startups vanish to dust. We didn’t walk into that trap but rather took one step after the other on solid ground.

Meet the team

At Livingdocs we believe that developers, designers and content creators will produce a better result when working together. We don't just implement this in our software, we also live by this premise.

Dominik Freier

Senior Software Developer



Ives Ebneter

Senior Software Developer



Alex Wild

Senior Software Developer



Sarah Robins

Social Media &
Communication Manager



Jordi Vives

DevOps Engineer



Joseph Schenk

Software Developer

Customer Solutions


Sven Rüf

Senior Product Designer



Ralph Meier

Principal Software Developer



Marc Bachmann

Engineering Director



Bianca Meier

Accounting & Administration


Lorenzo Cella

Software Developer

Customer Solutions


Céline Tykve

Head of Business

Business Development, Marketing, Partner & Customer Relations


Gabriel Hase

Lukas Peyer

Beni Buess

Meinrad Andermatt

Head of Customer Solutions


Meet the board

Gabriel Hase

Lukas Peyer

Andreas Bossecker


CTIO NZZ Mediengruppe

Meet our trusted partners

Adrian-John Hak

Management Consultant

Adrian-John Hak Coaching & Consulting

Claudia Wüthrich


Abacons Treuhand GmbH

Team members love Livingdocs

  1. Attitude

    Livingdocs is a place where creative minds from various disciplines come together and create amazing things. Together we establish an environment that enables everyone to focus on the important issues instead of having to worry about complex workflows. We communicate openly, share our knowledge and help each other getting obstacles out of the way early.

  2. Autonomy & Democracy

    We encourage team members to work with a high level of autonomy and self-direction. Remote work days and flexible work schedules compose a natural part of our philosophy. We hold quarterly strategy sessions with all employees in the company participating in shaping and discussing our goals and aspirations as a company. Furthermore every now and again we organise team retreats in domestic and international territories.

  3. Parent-friendly

    We support parents with generous paternity and maternity leaves but more importantly in their daily challenges of combining career and family.