Retresco × Livingdocs: A Strengthened Partnership for the AI-Driven Future

Sarah Robins

Optimisation of content workflows and increased visibility among news publishers

As we continue to grow and evolve as a company and product in line with the seismic shifts of the digital media industry, we at Livingdocs are ensuring our partner network can grow alongside us in order to best support our customers. Accordingly, we strengthened our partnership with top custom AI solutions provider Retresco. Our customers – newspaper publishers and media companies – will benefit from Retresco’s flexible, semantic auto-tagging solutions of editorial information and categorisation of digital content in combination with intuitive content creation in Livingdocs. The intensified cooperation aims to provide news publishers with simple and effective solutions so that they can optimise and further develop their editorial workflows and processes, and implement SEO measures in a scalable and cross-channel manner – all seamlessly from a single source.

Successful news publishers rely on semantic enrichment and auto-tagging. Retresco brings its AI-supported solutions in the areas of topic management and search engine optimisation to the partnership while we offer our versatile modules in the area of editorial workflow support as part of our headless CMS, which is characterised by flexible data structures at the content level and can be easily integrated into a customer’s existing editorial ecosystem.

The Retresco × Livingdocs interaction in the NPG environment

Through Retresco, news and articles are automatically analysed and tagged with keywords. Editorial content can thereby be clustered thematically in order to organise it for bundled publication of concentrated topic collections. Metadata, headlines, topic teasers and texts – as well as audio and video content – can be semantically enriched and aligned. Enrichment is based on entities (proper names), i.e. relevant people, places, organisations, products and events are automatically identified and indexed. Content enrichment is carried out by Retresco AI, whereby keywords can be assigned fully automatically according to their content relevance. Thanks to search-engine-optimised, easily scalable content production, newspaper publishers and media companies can significantly increase their visibility and reach on Google and other search engines. In the past, our cooperation with Retresco has already resulted in major projects with numerous well-known newspaper publishers and media companies in the GSA region, including Süddeutsche Zeitung, t-online, Berliner Zeitung and Neue Pressegesellschaft.

The collaboration between Retresco and Livingdocs is now being taken to a new level in response to growing demand in the newsroom for effective, AI-supported workflows and cross-channel content geared towards the readership. This is made easy thanks to the reliable interface (API) between our respective editorial solutions. Moreover, from this point forward, news publishers will benefit from a new functionality that enables tagging in queues so that mass changes can be automatically triggered in existing entities at any time. This queue management acts as a buffer to ensure that all news and articles can be easily updated without necessarily requiring a real-time exchange between Livingdocs and Retresco.

Our CEO Gabriel Hase, comments on the strengthened partnership: "Our headless CMS can be easily and effectively integrated into editorial ecosystems. In the context of newsroom projects, we regularly work with Retresco as a top provider for editorial topic management and targeted SEO measures. The number of joint customers is impressive proof of this. We are all the more pleased that we are taking the next step together and developing our partnership for the benefit of our customers."

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, adds: "We are delighted to be expanding our partnership with Livingdocs. We both stand for efficiency and quality combined with the latest technical possibilities without overturning established editorial processes. Joint customers benefit from customised AI solutions. At the same time, together we are helping to equip newsrooms with productive solutions that optimise and accelerate editorial workflows."