Livingdocs is for you

You have ambitious requirements and high expectations when it comes to layouting, editing and publishing content on the web.

With Livingdocs you create and publish beautiful content efficiently in an intuitive, well-structured environment.

  • Very flexible component based editing and layouting system
  • Fit for multiple channels
  • Well serviced and supported
  • Stylish on the inside, stylish on the outside. How we like it.

You have the choice between our Livingdocs Service or our On-Premise Solution for enterprises.


Our Service Solution –
The Modular Building Kit

  • Ready for integration
  • Complete / All features incl.
  • Highly scalable
  • Easy and fast setup
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Livingdocs Enterprise

Our On-Premise Solution –
The Full Service

  • Hire us for the works
  • Customisable editor
  • More service and support
  • SLA and worry-free
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Publish like the big media companies for $35 a month

Our accessible and powerful web-service is suitable for anyone who wants to publish professional online content quickly, intuitively, creatively and yet very efficiently.

How it works:

  • Register
    Just a few short steps... and you're ready for setup
  • Setup & Configure
    You'll enjoy a fully working backend in less than 2 hours of setting up!

«Build your own frontend»
For the following procedures you have all the flexibility and freedom you wish. We offer you and your preferred web agencies, partners etc. fitted SDKs for easy, frictionless development and integration.

  • Design
    Forget about template languages. With Livingdocs you write your design in plain HTML / CSS and web technologies. You develop your design in the frontend and can always play it back to our editor for WYSIWYG support.
  • Develop
    React, vue, Angular, you name it. Our open-source Javascript SDKs allow you to get started with any frontend technology of your choice to build your customer-facing products.
  • Deploy
    Livingdocs frontends can be quickly deployed to services such as or in high-availability infrastructures with Kubernetes on the Google Cloud. Our free frontend examples contain guides to get you started.

You want the experts to do the work?
We'll gladly make you a suitable offer.

You're an organisation and
want the full service?

Livingdocs Enterprise
We'll customise and build you anything you want

We provide solid and creative solutions for companies who want to excel with dynamic, professional and significant web presence and most of all powerful content publishing.

This is what you get:

  • The Full Service On-Premise-Solution
    We understand your needs, develop and customise the best solutions for you
  • Individually Fitted Service-Level-Agreements (SLA)
    Our attractive SLAs are fitted individually to each clients specific needs
  • In Safe Hands
    No wasting time. Benefit from our extensive experience in building high-quality systems.
  • 50%
    50% time saved
    Qantitative A/B Tests resulted in a 50% gain in producing articles when using Livingdocs against market-leader Adobe. This is a huge gain for newsrooms and content publishers, giving them more time to concentrate on what really matters.
  • 12x
    12x more iterations
    Before using Livingdocs, our clients did design updates to their frontends about every 6 months. With Livingdocs and thanks to our building blocks technology, the average design update cycle came down to 2 weeks. This allows publishers to quickly react to new ideas and opportunities when they arise.
  • 24x
    24x faster time to market
    The normal expectation of our clients to see first results in a CMS project is 6 months. With Livingdocs the first small projects can go live in 1 to 2 weeks. Being able to use a new product so early in the process greatly enhances acceptance from the prospective users of the software.

Editors love it.
Developers love it.
Designers love it.