Livingdocs pricing

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Livingdocs Service

The Livingdocs service is a cost-efficient solution that offers you a scalable CMS as a service. All service customers are hosted on our secure cloud that offers comprehensive backups and redundancy as well as automatic software updates.

We are happy to announce that the public beta of our Service solution is available now. Please feel free to make full use of the entire editing and publishing experience – we value your feedback! The official release is scheduled for spring 2019 and subscriptions will be starting at $35 per month.

Livingdocs Enterprise

Livingdocs Enterprise offers your corporation a secure solution. All enterprise plans have dedicated account managers and include SLAs. In addition all enterprise installations contain the possibility to customise Livingdocs to your needs.

There are two ways to use Livingdocs enterprise:

  1. Hosted dedicated instances run by Livingdocs
  2. On-premise hosting by customer or partner

Hosted solution
With a hosted solution you don’t need to worry about anything. We do all your required customizations, setup your instances and run Livingdocs for you. Different from our service solution, the enterprise solution has dedicated instances per customer as well as comprehensive SLAs.

Cost for customizations depends on your specific requirements. If you have a requirements list, just send it to us to get a first rough estimate.

On-premise solution
An on-premise solution makes sense if you already have existing infrastructure or work with a partner. In the base model you only take licenses and the SLA from Livingdocs.

In addition we offer workshops and training or support for your developers.