About Us

At Livingdocs we believe that developers, designers and content creators will produce a better result together. We don't just implement this in our software, we also live by this premise.

How we plan to leave a dent in the universe

  • Hard problems first
    We always solve the hardest problems first so we can gain a clear view for the result.
  • Do something meaningful
    We don’t want to spend our time just working but to make sure that what we do has a positive impact on our society.
  • No hierarchy, no anarchy
    We don’t think in trees but roles. All people should be enabled to optimally deploy their skills.
  • Collaborate and evolve
    We believe that a company is a team of people and not a collection of departments. Never let a process stand in your way!
  • Embrace technology
    We are tech-driven and love technology. Ideas are always welcome but be prepared to be challenged.
  • Mind the startup
    We’ve seen a lot of hip startups vanish to dust. We didn’t walk into that trap but rather take one step after the other on solid ground.

In charge for you

Some reasons why employees like Livingdocs

  • Attitude
    Livingdocs is a place where creative minds from various disciplines come together and create amazing things. We aim for an environment that enables everyone to focus on the important things instead of having to worry about complex workflows and the next boring meeting. That's why we prefer asynchronous communication and avoid management practices that cause overhead. You communicate openly, share your knowlegde and help getting obstacles out of the way early.
  • Autonomy
    We encourage employees to work with a high level of autonomy and self-direction. This is why we offer that you work from remote and you're not bound to a fixed work schedule.
  • Retreats
    To break out of our daily work routine, we go on a retreat 2-3 times a year. This is to experience new places, refresh our minds, get stuff done and of course team building. Participation is optional.
  • Quarterly
    We hold 3-monthly strategy sessions with everybody in the company joining in to shape and discuss our goals and aspirations as a company.
  • Parent-friendly
    We are not the generic software startup that runs on youth culture. The average age at Livingdocs is about 35 which means the average employee at Livingdocs has children. We support parents with generous paternity and maternity leaves but more importantly in their daily challenges to combine career and family.

Interested in joining the team?

We are a Swiss based company and have offices in Zurich as well as remote workers across Europe. You couldn’t come at a better time: Livingdocs just released the first beta of the service offer. Join us and find out what it means to take a product global!