About Prizes, Partners and Potent Projects During a Pandemic

Text: Céline Tykve, December 18, 2020

2020 was a strange and extraordinary year for all of us, to say the least. The challenges as well as the opportunities were unpredictable. For us at Livingdocs it was actually a successful year with quite a few new customers, great partnerships, and amazing projects. We were able to realize very cool features for Livingdocs and our customers. And we've grown our team despite the pandemic and crisis all around us.

First(s) and Foremost

Looking at the achievements this year, the year started out with the «Kress Pro» ranking of CMSs, where Livingdocs was able to improve its spot massively. Livingdocs now ranks among the top 10 publishing systems for digital media in the German-speaking market even moving past Arc Publishing.

This highlight was followed by welcoming our very first customer onto our Livingdocs Service: OM online - Das Nachrichtenportal der Münsterländischen Tageszeitung und Oldenburgischen Volkszeitung.

And April had another first in store for us: we were able to convince our first customer in Austria and helped to exchange their backend while keeping the frontend and all up and running. This made Livingdocs one of the most used CMS in the DACH area.

We are really satisfied with Livingdocs, it really made work more pleasant, more modern and a lot faster for us. In cooperation with the Livingdocs team, we have succeeded in developing a product that meets the highest technical standards.

Clemens Oistric, Editor-in-chief at

New Customers, Partners and Projects

As already mentioned, we onboarded quite a few new customers in 2020, amongst which you can find names like the Berliner Kurier, Bauer Verlag, and But also our existing customers entrusted us with some big projects this year. For Swisscom, for example, we developed some new features for their TV offer, did a complete redesign of their news platform Bluewin, set up voiced-activated reading of the news on said platform and helped them set up the completely new offer of

However, none of these things would have been possible without our great partners. Our long-standing collaborators at Centralsoft as well as the team at jambit became two new integration partners of Livingdocs, joining netcetera on the list of our premium partners.

Two newer partnerships that only originated this year were the ones with iMatrics and a&f. Our collaboration with iMatrics, a Swedish software company, enabled us to provide solutions and services for advanced text and data analysis. iMatrics’ natural language processing technology automatically classifies categories, topics, subjects, organizations, people, and places in news content, which enables fast and actionable insights for customers. Its language independent text analytics and AI technology has found especially high recognition in the media industry.

Another thing still very high in demand in the media industry is offering the full-cycle publishing solution across online and print leading us to partner with a&f systems AG to provide a seamless integration between the Livingdocs Headless CMS and the WoodWing Studio as well as the WoodWing Assets DAM.

Ramping Up Our CMS

As a result, the Livingdocs CMS has gotten quite a few new and awesome features. Apart from developing new features such as quizzes and polls, our real-time collaborative editing process was refined and improved this year. We also put a lot of love into the development of supporting multi-language pages and translations as well as the voice-activated reading of news. The biggest change, however, came in the form of our very own media library allowing us to make the entire image handling process in Livingdocs simpler and yet more powerful.

When dragging & dropping an image, the caption and source are prefilled and the alt text attribute is added.

Besides that, we developed several integrations such as the one with DeskNet for news planning, the one with iMatrics for intelligent meta data handling and finally the one with Woodwing Assets & Studio to manage print workflows seamlessly.

Now on to 2021!

We are very thankful that this year has been as successful as it was, allowing us to not only keep our entire team but actually growing it. Let’s see what 2021 has in store for all of us. We are excited for a new turn around the sun!