Going Blue: Livingdocs is Entering the World of Content Marketing

Text: Céline Tykve, 29.10.2020

The relationship between Livingdocs and Swisscom can look back on quite some years. It all started out with an encounter in Swisscom’s coworking space “Pirates Hub” in 2016. 

After a successful PoC, Livingdocs became the CMS for Swisscom’s news site and the foundations for an intense partnership were laid, where the editorial content for Swisscom TV would soon be created in Livingdocs.

Fast Forward to 2020

Swisscom launched an all-encompassing entertainment experience with new offerings, new content and the freedom to access it anywhere: This new hub unites the complete entertainment offering by Swisscom: Swisscom TV became blue TV, Teleclub relaunched as blue+, Kitag cinemas changed their name to blue Cinema and Bluewin is now named blue news. And at the start of 2021, 'blue gaming’ will launch a cloud gaming flat rate for the many casual gamers in the country. unifies the world of entertainment around Swisscom.

While the content creation has been with Livingdocs already for quite some time, the change to has meant a step into a new world for Livingdocs. Our headless CMS is mostly loved and used by editorial teams of newspapers and magazines. With, Livingdocs is now full-on entering the world of content marketing. A different type of users, more buttons and call to actions, translations, as well as an integration of various shops - those are the main areas where this landing page of a corporate offering differs from a newspaper landing page.

On a More Technical Note

Unlike newspapers, we are dealing with a landing page here. So a hub page that represents an entrance gate to many other pages, services, shops, etc - not only to articles. Accordingly, our partner Centralsoft has taken a completely different path with the deliveries: they used the new web hooks that are triggered by Livingdocs when a page is published in order to generate the pages statically instead of loading them “on-demand” each time the page is accessed. The pages are static on the cloud and can be sent directly to the end user at the highest speed (CDN) without any intermediate steps. This approach also ensures that even if the infrastructure does not work, i.e. the Livingdocs Editor and Server (CMS) are not available, a functioning page can always be delivered without the end user being affected. Search engines also like this approach because the pages are delivered faster, which leads to a better rating.

The challenge for Centralsoft on this project was to implement a landing page that was as highly available and efficient as possible for in a short time using a previously new approach. The project was seamlessly integrated into the existing Livingdocs CMS system and reusable components were used. Livingdocs turned out to be an ideal choice for landing pages and we are proud of the result.

Dibran Isufi, CEO of Centralsoft

We at Livingdocs are excited to have entered not only the world of entertainment but the world of content marketing and to be able to now offer great solutions for corporates.