Redesign of the Bluewin News Portal

Text: Martin Sauter, April 22, 2020

We were working on this for quite some time – since December 2019, to be precise. But March 11th was the big day, when the huge redesign for our valued client Bluewin went live.

Just in case you are not familiar with Bluewin: It's an online-only news portal, operated by Swisscom, the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland. Actually we should say: It's one of the most frequented news portals in our country, since it ranks number 4 among all media sites when it comes to visits (nearly 37.8 millions in February 2020).

To make things a bit more complex, Bluewin is available in three languages. The German, French, and Italian versions are not just translations of each other, but independently managed portals. Therefore, they are set up as three individual projects in Livingdocs, but share the same design.

Speaking about design: The design concept has been developed by Edenspiekermann, a prestigious agency with offices in Europa, the US and Singapore. Based on this concept, Livingdocs has implemented and refined the frontend of the portal.

When it comes to content elements, the Livingdocs editor offers a broad range of custom-made components like teasers, info boxes, ticker bars, bios, and more. As always, the 30+ authors and editors of the Bluewin team simply pick the appropriate components and fill in text and images – the components take care that everything follows the design concept.

Honestly, we are very proud that Livingsdocs powers such a news portal – even more so since information is key these days.

Quizzes and Polls on Bluewin

The Bluewin news portal features a novelty that had its premiere just a month ago: the Livingdocs quizzes and polls module.

This module allows editors to quickly create multiple choice questions. This can either be used to create engaging quizzes where the audience tests their knowledge on a certain subject. Or it can be used to create polls for a quick feedback from the website visitors.

You can learn more about our quizzes and polls module here.