Livingdocs Service Goes «Public Beta»: Stirring up the Publishing Market and Beyond

Text: Céline Tykve, 22 November, 2018

The world of media is strongly challenged by digitisation. There are discussions about artificial intelligence and blockchain applications, but many media companies are still faced with more fundamental challenges: the smooth production of publications. And “publish or perish” is no longer a declaration just for the sciences — today companies of all fields are compelled to publish.

The struggle for many companies is between buying a solution and having to deal with limitations or building a solution themselves. We at Livingdocs want to give you the best of both world — with a headless CMS as a service.

A headless CMS decouples the presentation from the content creation, providing the greatest possible independence and agility for companies, especially with regard to mobile applications and channels such as TV, smart hardware or social media.

Headless but mindful

Our innovative solution with its incredibly intuitive editor makes it possible to work in a super smooth environment — writing, editing, collaborating, publishing all in one. And not just for journalists but for everyone who wants to publish on the web. Or social media, or in an app for that matter. Because the flexible format of the headless CMS enables you to push your content to any kind of channel. For anyone ready to embrace a true multi-channel and content first strategy, a headless CMS offers countless opportunities. Some of the main advantages of headless are:

  1. Rapid Deployment

    The set up is fast and easy and allows you to code in any language.

  2. Agile

    A headless CMS is truly flexible and makes you ready and responsive for anything.

  3. Omnichannel

    Content is instantly ready for any device and can be pushed to any channel.

All in all you could say that a headless CMS is future-proof — are you too?

A Truly Convincing User Experience

We at Livingdocs really aim to provide the best experience for journalists and communication professionals. What distinguishes us from other “headless CMS” suppliers greatly is the convincing user experience (UX), which is similar to that of the blogging platform Medium or Wordpress’ Gutenberg Editor. Actually, Wordpress’ new and smoother Gutenberg editor was inspired by the Livingdocs experience.

This was also suggested in this tweet from Nick Balestra:

Part of this great user experience is the possibility to have a split view (for responsive views) inside the editor that allows you to see what your content will look like on any device. Another exhilarating feature of the CMS is the way to collaborate: with the possibility to comment on text passages, an easy access to the history of the document and the option to define clear workflows (with users of various permissions) — collaboration and co-creation of content is effortless.

Developed with Media Experts

All these features of Livingdocs were tested and developed in a high class professional media environment, similar to the editorial solution “arc” of the Washington Post. They meet the demanding requirements of major media companies, such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung or the NZZ Media Group, both already among many satisfied customers of Livingdocs. “Livingdocs is the foundation of NZZ’s digital infrastructure,” says Andreas Bossecker, CTO of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung, which has also invested in Livingdocs. In close cooperation with Swisscom, the news platform and the home entertainment offer of Swisscom TV were successfully converted to Livingdocs. With customers such as the mentioned ones above and an international team of developers and media professionals, we are proud to say that we have a wealth of industry experience — and we are now readier than ever to innovatively freshen things up.

Try out the Public Beta Service

Already thousands of journalists and bloggers use Livingdocs every day. You should too! You can register for the free “Public Beta” version on livingdocs.ioand test all functions. And we promise you: publishing on the web has never been easier!