New Feature: Editable Teasers

Text: Céline Tykve, February 11, 2021

The latest release brought some big innovations, both technically and on the feature side. One of those new features will be especially useful for page managers and newspaper journalists.

The Livingdocs page management has always allowed teasers to be linked to existing Livingdocs articles making it easy and intuitive to create beautiful pages. Changes to the articles and the publication status have also always been automatically reflected in the page management on the teasers. However, these changes had to be made via the metadata screen of the articles themselves.

What’s new? It is now possible to edit the teasers directly inline on the overview pages and thus create a customized teaser for a specific page.

The sidebar includes all the options to edit the teaser pictures, while text changes can be made directly inline.

Every part of the automatically generated teasers of articles can now be edited directly in the page view: data on the publication as well as title, lead text and image are still adopted by default, but one can i.e. exchange the image, adjust the crop or write a juicier title. All text can be adjusted and formatted to fit into the overview page.

Teasers than have been adapted are marked in the sidebar and include an easy option to preview with the local changes and revert to original.

The sidebar newly includes the info which teasers have been changed. With a simple click you can hide the local changes and restore the previous “default” version if desired.

Being able to edit teasers is crucial if you are curating your pages on the detail level. These changes mean that a page manager no longer has to switch back and forth between the individual articles and their teaser metadata, but everything can easily be done from the page overview. This not only saves time, but also improves the quality of the overview pages.