Work Smarter, Not Harder: How CH Media Effortlessly Enhances SEO and More with Livingdocs and iMatrics

Sarah Robins, August 15, 2022

Discover how Livingdocs and iMatrics joined forces to help the regional news company improve their SEO reach and overall online reader experience.

When CH Media decided to take steps to improve their readers’ online experience, one thing was clear: they wanted to find the most easy-to-use solution to promote better reader engagement on their online platform, while effortlessly keeping up with the rapid pace of news publishing.

As one of the leading Swiss media companies producing high quality news content for dailies, weeklies and magazines, CH Media has not shied away from bringing their printed products into the online world. Nonetheless, as news publishing companies increasingly move to the digital space, providing engaging and coherent reading experiences for online visitors is often blocked by the fact that it’s not easy to keep up with the speed and sheer amount of the news — both of which are heightened in the digital arena.

In order to respond to this challenge, CH Media wanted to create topic pages, where readers could discover related content more easily. This strategy aimed not only to enhance the reader experience but also to increase engagement and lead to longer session times. While this sounds straightforward, connecting and consolidating hundreds (or, rather, thousands) of existing and incoming articles onto separate pages according to their respective topics isn’t as simple as it sounds. Often, these articles lack sufficient metadata to easily group them onto topic pages that not only contain consistently relevant articles but also are well-designed and pleasant to interact with.

While CH Media had the resources to create their own topic pages, they wanted to find a solution that would enable them to do so without losing time. They also lacked the internal linking to significantly boost search performance when, for example, readers want to find related articles that were published a long time ago. CH Media wanted a solution that would allow them to link related content more seamlessly, as well as amplify SEO reach to give more value to existing content while improving the reader experience. CH Media wanted a solution that would empower them to work smarter, not harder.

In the words of Janic Köbeli, SEO Manager of CH Media, «CH Media needed an effortless way for our readers to discover more related content, and to read more and stay longer on site each session.»

This is where the combined forces of Livingdocs and iMatrics came in.

Our goal at Livingdocs is to facilitate newsroom workflows and help media companies have a smooth transition to the online world with our user-friendly digital content creation and publishing system. In order to reach their goals, CH Media chose to implement our system because, despite having a wide range of advanced capabilities, our intuitive technology makes it easy for users to put together topic pages as it doesn’t require a user to leave the system to link related articles. In addition, elements like teasers and images can be easily inserted via drag and drop, and text can be entered and edited directly in line.

iMatrics, on the other hand, provides an automatic tagging system, which allows you to automatically create high-quality metadata drawn directly from the articles themselves, including categories, topics and entities (e.g. people, places and organisations). With the tags and related content visible at the bottom the article, readers may click on one of the associated tags in order to automatically generate a page with articles all related to the chosen topic. To note, the auto-tagging technology is not rigid; it remains flexible so that editors can easily change the metadata, adding and changing tags in order to provide the best possible search results for readers with minimal effort.

For example, a journalist can enter a text and run it through iMatrics via the Livingdocs system, and if they realise the perfect tag for their story is not yet existent, they can suggest one to be added. This way, the workflow is supported in perpetuity, remaining adaptable to accommodate the ever-changing news landscape. All without having to leave the Livingdocs CMS. As Fredrik Lundberg, Head of Marketing at iMatrics, stated, «We are proud to see the results of integrating our AI-driven, auto-tagging solution into the Livingdocs CMS to meet the needs of CH Media: creating new products that save time for writers, enhancing SEO reach, matching ads with topical content, providing better data analysis, all while adding more value for readers. A win-win-win!»

Thanks to Livingdocs and iMatrics, CH Media achieved their goals for more seamless creation of topic pages, better SEO reach and improvement of reader engagement, retention and overall experience. The Livingdocs Editor allows for the seamless set-up and creation of high-value topic pages, while the iMatrics technology allows for the effortless consolidation of related articles for said pages. And when there are over 10,000 topic pages with roughly 80,000 visits per week, this synergy has a widespread impact. Moreover, in working with the Livingdocs-iMatrics solution, CH Media experiences positive effects on internal linking structure and better data analysis which supports ad placement customisation. For CH Media, the combination of Livingdocs and iMatrics means way less effort for a lot more value.

Our Livingdocs CMS and the seamlessly integrated tagging system of iMatrics allowed us to keep full control over the tagging, so that our editors were able to add and change tags on their own and provide the best possible results for our readers. As a result, we achieved improved keyword and URL rankings on Google, proving our strategy to be working.

Janic Köbeli, SEO Manager of CH Media

So when it comes to your online news platform, if you’re looking to provide a better reader experience while increasing both SEO reach and internal efficiency, the solution is clear: Livingdocs provides the comprehensive yet straightforward CMS, and with the frictionless integration of iMatrics auto-tagging technology for high-quality metadata, you have everything you need every step of the way to create top-value, cohesive content for your online readers.

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