Livingdocs as a Service

For everyone that needs a world-class content- creation service for their projects - take our ready-made examples or start building from scratch.

  1. How it works

    You take care of the frontend, we handle the platform for you. As Livingdocs is a comprehensive headless CMS solution that contains everything you need, you have total freedom regarding the integration with other systems and the design and development of your frontends.

  2. Our service

    We provide you the Livingdocs-Platform as a service for your users or customers to produce outstanding content.

  3. Your code

    You create a stunning design and use our APIs, SDKs and Examples to build a frontend.

Choose from our Frontend-Templates


A beautiful magazine design including layout of overview pages, menus, author pages and ads.


A fine storytelling design to let your blog articles stand out of the crowd. Simple yet beautiful.


A modern website with large scroll areas and multi-site support.

Build your own frontend

For the following procedures you have all the flexibility and freedom you wish. We offer you and your preferred web agencies, partners etc. fitted SDKs for easy, frictionless development and integration.

  1. Design

    Forget about template languages. With Livingdocs you write your design in plain HTML / CSS and web technologies. You develop your design in the frontend and can always play it back to our editor for WYSIWYG support.

  2. Develop

    React, vue, Angular, you name it. Our open-source Javascript SDKs allow you to get started with any frontend technology of your choice to build your customer-facing products.

  3. Deploy

    Livingdocs frontends can be quickly deployed to services such as or in high-availability infrastructures with Kubernetes on the Google Cloud. Our free frontend examples contain guides to get you started.

You want the experts to do the work? We'll gladly make you a suitable offer.

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