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If you have ambitious requirements and high expectations when it comes to layouting, editing and publishing content on the web, Livingdocs is your choice.

With Livingdocs you create and publish beautiful content efficiently in an intuitive and highly scalable environment.

Livingdocs comes in two flavours   

Livingdocs Enterprise

Serve thousands of editors writing millions of documents for hundreds of publications in one of the most scalable content-creation solutions available.

Livingdocs Service

Profit from an affordable and service-ready publishing platform and build your own magazines, blogs or websites on top of it.

  1. Workflow management

    Collaboration and workflows for large newsrooms

  2. Faster Editing

    Thanks to innovative component technology

  3. Multi-channel ready

    Scalable & flexible data format

  4. Wysiwyg content creation

    Intuitive & fast user experience

  5. Customizable scope

    Well serviced & supported