Livingdocs for Enterprises

For everyone that needs to meet the highest expectations when it comes to quality, availability and scalability.

Livingdocs is well-tried software in use at major publishing houses.
You have the choice between our fully managed editor integration, the entire Livingdocs creation bundle or even a no-hassle full-service solution offered as a joint venture with our partner agency Netcetera.

Livingdocs Enterprise

Livingdocs Enterprise is a full-fledged headless CMS solution including everything you need to turn off your current CMS and enter the world of multi-channel publishing. We run content-creation for websites, newsletters, native apps and even TV set-top boxes.

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Our world-class editor to write content in large teams.

Smart assets, machine-
learning and scalability to millions of documents.

Automated, manual or even scheduled layout system for your overview pages.

Administrative features to monitor and control everything from access to presentation.

Collaborative writing including History and Track Changes.

WYSIWYG editing for your web products.

Fast and intuitive building block system to layout content.

Fully managed and supported cloud service.

Forward Publishing

Forward Publishing is a comprehensive and well-served all-in-one solution for publishers offered to you together with the leading Swiss IT consultancy Netcetera. It enables publishing companies to have a smooth transition and transformation to an extensive digital content workflow with a set of highly approved integrated products. Forward Publishing provides a solid yet continuously evolving foundation for a sustainable, intelligent, digital, mobile-first subscription model.

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